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For the First Time Ever,

We’re offering an express wedding service

You’re not fussy, or you have a budget. You have a colour scheme in mind but you like our style and prefer to leave it up to the professionals.

Entirely Online.



In the past, we saw brides ordering flowers that they’ve seen on Pinterest without understanding that their selections weren’t available at their selected time of year, or choosing flowers in bouquets that were outdated and not our style. And with the current climate of the world the flower markets are not accepting many imports which means many flower types aren’t available, and although we can substitute flowers with similar varieties and colours- it still may not do your photoshopped Pinterest photos justice. We’re honest: we do our best work when we’re making something we love. We’re not into rose-balls with studded diamantes, and it’s not a look we wish to put our name to. Let us create something beautiful and timeless for you- we suggest you check out our weddings page and Instagram pages to see if you like our style.


  • Available 30 days prior to your wedding date ONLY. This is how we ensure all our brides are serviced equally, by allowing this short window of time we focus on what is in front of us, not weddings that are a year away. It also allows us to accept every bride on their chosen date; no more uncertainty over whether you have a wedding florist.
  • Face to face consultations is not for express orders. We understand that adjustments may be needed- and you can make these requests Online via email or via phone up to 3 days before your wedding date. Please be reasonable. Daily phone calls and emails are not for express services.
  • Pick up ONLY- Express weddings are just that, an express service. We do not offer a full set up and delivery service.
  • While we will take your preferences into consideration you understand that flowers are seasonal. Proteas may not be available at your request and while we will do our best to source what you ask for, at the end of the day you trust our judgement that’s why you chose us. We will not let you walk down an aisle with an ugly bunch of flowers.
  • For bouquet sizes please relate back to the measurement given next to each individually priced option. Our style is unstructured so no bouquet will ever come as a tight round ball, meaning these measurements will sometimes vary leaving your bouquet looking slightly larger than the measurement given.

*** All Pictures shown are from Express Weddings***